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SEG instrument AB

Manufacturer of electronic scales in the industry






The company has over 40 years experience in manufacturing and installation of:

-         Belt Scales

-         Mass Flow Meters

-         Weigh Feeders

-         The system of multi-component mixing

Network of distributors and representatives worldwide with team of experienced engineers trained pharmacist.

All components and products are manufactured in Sweden, meet European standards.

Belt Scales:

* Easy installation, does not affect the nature of the conveyor

* Up to 12 000 tonnes/h

* Accuracy is less than 1%

* Design durable, no moving parts to help low maintenance and long-term use of time

* Design standardization, modularity,

* Patent OIML / MID, R50 Class 0.5, 1 and 2

Mass Flow Meters

* Simple Installation

* Up to 100 tonnes/h or 100.000 lit/h

* Accuracy is less than 0,5%

* Dust

* Low maintenance

* Patent OIML: sending

Weigh Feeders

* Unique design, belt tensioners extremely low - for high accuracy

* Up to 10 tonnes / h

* Accuracy is lower than 0.1%

* Easy cleaning and maintenance

* Patent OIML / MID R50: Class 0.5, 1and 2

About distributors:

Vietnam AITIC join stock company ( AITIC.,JSC )

Distributors in Viet Nam of SEG Instrument AB

Founded in 2006, with over 5 years experience in the field of supply, installation and maintenance measurement system controls for industrial automation.

AITIC.JSC partner of many leading electronics companies worldwide as Honeywell. S-E-G, Walkvin ...

With a team of young engineers working in the dynamic environment of international management standards we are committed to giving you services in place but with global quality.

Here are a few pictures of the production equipment of the SEG


[Priter Page]


1. Weight belt feeder

2. Belt weighers

4. Solid mass flow metter

Viet Nam AITIC joint-stock company .
Head Office- No 21, lane 61/15 Lac Trung, Hai Ba Trưng District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Office - No 8C, lane 93/28 Hoang Van Thai, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Tel: - (+84-4) 3566 5294 - Fax: - (+84-4) 3566 5295
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