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Installation of Belt weighing system in cement plants Chinfon Hai Phong

 SEG Belts weighing  (designed and made in Sweden)



CEMENT CHINFON Hai Phong is the Cement produce plant in Hai Phong, Viet Nam, it was invested by CHINFON Taiwan. Therefore products of the factory are high quality and stability, which has been known for a long time and reached the trust of customers.

In March 2011,Management Staff of the factory has chosen to use the 2 SEG Belts weighing  (designed and made in Sweden) for installation of the technology system Cement production . Since the installation date, Belt weighing have reliably and constant worked , demonstrating the stability and accuracy according to requirements of the plant. On the other hand, investment costs are very competitive with the  products of another manufacturers.

VIET NAM AITIC., JSC , as official distributors of  SEG Belt scale products in Vietnam since 2008, is the only company in Vietnam with a team of engineers are educated, wealthy experience in the deployment Belt weighing SEG system. The company's engineers have installed and adjusted very well Belt weighing system, the accuracy about 1%.

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