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Supply Equipments and instal the electrical systems of DETECH Buildings Project

Including all kinds of cabinets, cables, ladders - and cable tray systems, busduct systems.




DETECH building (My Dinh area) including 2 basements, 17 floors body, a technical floor and a roof. The system includes a power supply transformer 1600KVA, two 800 KVA generators backup.

Power supply was installed by cables from Transfomator station to Main-Electric board of Building, they was fixed and installed through the cable trench. In the building, Busduct 2500A/1600A system was used for Electric supplying. Fire protection cable systems was used for special priority equipments.

Vietnam AITIC Join Stock Company has provided and installed all of the Electric Board systems (Main Electric board, ATS, capacitor cabinets, distribution cabinets), Fire protection  cables and regular cable, elevator - cable trays and busduct system.

All the equipment was completely insttaled and operation safety.


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1. Weight belt feeder

2. Belt weighers

4. Solid mass flow metter

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